Wednesday, April 05, 2006


And I don`t mean on the knitting front either. I have just come to the conclusion that creating a blog is rather like having an intellectual conversation in a foreign language when you only have school girl knowledge. So this blog is very much a wip, and I am hoping to learn more as I go along - but at the moment even the explainations in help don`t actually make a lot of sense to an only vaguely computer literate person such as myself - oh well, will have to enlist the help of 13 year old DD I suspect!

On the knitting side of things, I`m getting on with DD`s shawl in Sirdar luxury cotton - black of course, and am quite enjoying the fact that each row is getting shorter than the last!

A trip to the charity shop this morning has provided me with more work, in addition to a small ball of white dk cotton(25p) which I will add to my collection for Erica Knights hexagon throw which was in SK recently( I never seem to use the specified yarn), to my delight I found an old Patons pattern for Bertie Bassett for only 10p!

Now as this was my Dads nickname for many years, and as he is notoriously difficult to buy pressies for, I shall be clicking away with those needles - plenty of time before his b`day though.

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