Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring? Where?

Dear Weather
I feel that I should bring to your attention the fact that, according to the calendar, it is now Spring. As far as I am concerned this should mean milder temperatures, green shoots, spring flowers and a little gentle sunshine. However, you do seem to have overlooked this.

I was not impressed that I needed 4 layers as well as a hat, gloves and scarf to go for a walk this morning

A light white dusting may look pretty but I do consider that it is unacceptable behaviour as we are well into March, especially given that this same weekend last year was so warm that we walked in T-shirts and rewarded ourselves with an Ice cream at the end!

I would ask you to spare a thought for the spring flowers who have every right to be blooming now and should not be expected to have to struggle on in these conditions.

And I was very unhappy to find that the bench where we like to stop for coffee was covered in snow and frankly rather unpleasant to sit on.

Now I know that things are considerably worse in other parts of the country, but this is the South East, and currently does not look much like the Garden of England and I do not think it is unreasonable to ask that, since I shall be walking a long distance in Scotland at the end of next month, you do your utmost to get your act together and behave in a rather more appropriate way in the next few weeks.

Yours sincerely
Cold and Muddy of Kent

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I've just realised how appropriate it is to be posting my March dishcloth today
St Patrick's day Washcloth
It seems it's third time lucky for the year of dishcloths - I really like this one, and (as far as I can tell) there aren't any mistakes this time :0)

I've also made a March hare - well rabbit actually
A little friend to join Frankenbunny - I'm much happier with this one having made a couple of modifications (no false seam and slightly shorter)

In my non-knitting life, we have started building up the mileage ready for our holiday and yesterday DH, a friend and I walked from the Dome to the Eye in London (12 miles) getting in some practice. Coincidentally we are all walking the West Highland Way in a few weeks though our friends are going up as we come back! Nothing personal I'm told!
As you can probably guess from the way G and I are dressed it wasn't the nicest of days weather wise but we still enjoyed it and came home damp and tired but happy.

Saturday, March 02, 2013


When I first saw the pattern of Hazel and Pipkin in Knit Today I immediately knew I had to make some for charity. I realised they were slightly stange little creatures but I wasn't quite prepared for how odd my offering would look....

but do you know what? He's really grown on me, to the extent that there is another little Frankenbunny on the needles in my lunchtime knitting bag. This time with mods to eliminate the bits I was unhappy about - particularly not doing a purl stitch to make false seams each side, I mean, why would you want a false seam on a toy? It reminded me far too much of the ladders I used to get when I first started magic looping. This next one won't be quite as tall either, but I may do the legs a little longer, and hopefully have enough of the main colour left not to need an odd foot ;0)

And as a little PS to the last post, I wore Simon Cowl whilst out walking this morning 'Over the hill and far away' as we call our 6 mile round trip and it was perfect! Beautifully soft and provided the right amount of warmth without getting itchy and no bulk to annoy. I'm a happy (Franken)bunny!