Saturday, July 19, 2014

With a little help from my friend

Well it’s one of the hottest days of the year here in South East England and last night we had one of the longest and loudest storms I’ve known which went on for absolutely hours, consequently I’m not feeling very energetic today but I can always find some woolly things to do. 

Hugo and I have found the coolest place in the house, the lounge floor, and he is helping me.

I’m attaching ends to the squares the elderly ladies of our knitting group make and butterflying them so I can soon pack up another lot to send to Knit-a-square.

I don’t mind that they haven’t got the hang of leaving 20” yarn attached, and just leave a very long loose piece with each square, because they are so pleased to be helping. It’s nice to think these 80 and 90 year olds are still busy crocheting for others. 

It takes a while to sort them out and attach them all but I then make magic balls with the leftover pieces and use them to make things for charity too - waste not, want not!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Finishing the Wainright's

Today is a momentus day. DH has finished the Wainright's! 
He has now completed the ascents of all 214 summits in the Lake District listed by Alfred Wainright in his guide books. 
It may have taken 25 years but considering we live over 350 miles away we have had to fit them in during holidays. I started out walking them with him in 1989 but over the years I have fallen by the wayside mainly due to having our DD which meant that I stayed down in the valley with her while he walked, took her to the attractions (Beatrix Potter etc) or he made quick short trips up here while DD and I stayed home. In later years my knees are not so keen on the tops, so I've often gone most of the way but 'looked after the rucksacks' while he nips to the tops,


 so whilst I've walked a great deal my personal tally of actual tops is considerably lower than his. 

Anyway, since I did the first with him it was only fitting that I also did the last so today we made our way down to Eskdale and bagged Green Crag and finally Harter Fell - it was tough with poorly defined paths, squidgy and wet underfoot on the way up but this was where we were heading 

And I think DH was pleased and relieved when he finally reached the last top (Harter Fell his 214th fell)

The path down was even less defined and we ended up wading through undergrowth, never sure where the next step would be and how far down our foot would go, but the views of the Scafells made it all worth it

 And then of course there are always the other type of reward in the tea room after.