Thursday, April 20, 2006

An interesting day

Not something you do every day, but DH was able to get tickets for Prime Ministers Question time, and so we took a trip to London yesterday. After two lots of airport type security and being frisked twice, we took our seats in the public gallery. I was very interested to note the diversity of subjects ranging from Iran`s nuclear capability to Senior citizens bus passes in Lancashire. And it amused me how the `Honourable Friends` asked the questions to feed the PM lines whilst the `Honourable Gentlemen` did their best to annoy. And no, I couldn`t knit in there - all our baggage had to go into safekeeping and we were only allowed in with what we stood up in.

As far as knitting goes, what little Dudley the cat has allowed me to do, (and he is sitting on my lap as I type) has been undone, I had decided to knit a knitting bag,
I was using up some of my stash, so ancient it had no yardage on the ball, but I figured by weight there should be enough, however having done less than a quarter of one side and used up a sixth of the wool, I could see this wasn`t going to work!
So I frogged it, and out came the sewing machine instead.

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