Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thank you ... and Charity Knit III

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my previous post. The week continued with DH being admitted to hospital for a couple of days for observation and tests (thank goodness for the private health insurance through my work - it was more like a stay in a hotel, 3 course meals, en suite and TV in the room - he even borrowed DD`s laptop to carry on working!) Once `released` he had more tests, in fact it seems as though he has had every diagnostic test known to man, and given enough blood samples to single handedly maintain the blood bank for the entire South East! But I am glad to say everything (except cholesterol) has come back normal, so we are now left to pick up the pieces and try to overcome the incredible tiredness we are both feeling, and move onwards.
I am eternally grateful that he has changed his job and is thoroughly enjoying the new one despite the set back (well how many people work whilst in hospital - that in itself says something).

And now for charity knit III,

I needed something which required no thought or concentration, so this Easy Hooded Wrap from the Baby pack project fitted the bill perfectly, all in garter stitch, using some more of my unidentified (but lovely and soft, pretty coloured varigated) yarn. I followed their pattern, to the exact measurements, but it does seem rather small for a wrap to me - but if that is what they want, then fine. (BTW - the edge isn`t as bad as the photo suggests IRL)

And just because it amuses me - look at this little tyke -

now I know who stole the half coconut full of bird cake (in its entirety I hasn`t to add)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Strange couple of weeks (self indulgent post - sorry)

I didn`t really know what else to call this post, and it certainly has been a strange couple of weeks. As I sit here typing, I`m not entirely sure how this post is going to develop, but here goes, and I do hope you will forgive me.

DH came back from his Toy Fair, eventually. He was due to catch the Eurostar in Brussels arriving at Ashford at 9.30pm, but around 8pm I got a frantic phone call asking me to try and sort things out. However when I phoned Eurostar, strangely enough, there didn`t seem to be an option
"if your husband`s travelling companion has insisted it isn`t this Brussels station they need, and they are currently hurtling towards Paris non- stop - Please press 6"
Eventually after much phoning around, at one point on the landline in one hand, DH on my mobile in the other, whilst also trying to find info on the computer, with my nose I think it must have been at that point - with no way across the channel at that time of day, we finally gave up and the party booked into a Paris hotel and came home the next day instead.

Having reached `new levels of tiredness` as he put it, DH was glad of the relaxation for a few days, before he was due to start his new job. Then we had a very enjoyable day out in London on Friday, browsing round Foyles , and Borders opposite which are both amazing bookshops - plus the British Museum - what an impressive ceiling, before returning home when the bomb hit -

DH had a mini stroke! It seems incredible that this should happen to a fit(ish) 43 year old non-smoker, just about to start a new career which he was so looking forward to. We spent the entire night in A & E (not a place I`d recommend for a friday evening out!) and I`m very pleased to say that physically there are no lasting effects, but naturally we are on tenderhooks and feel quite stressed and worried should it happen again - I will be so glad when he has seen the specialist and had CT scans (schelduled for this weekend) so hopefully we can get some answers.

After research we decided we have two choices - sit worrying and waiting for something that may never happen again, or get on with life. With this in mind, and being that his new boss is in fact his brother, (so some one `in the know` would be looking out for him) he decided to start his new job as planned. Unfortunately he has been told not to drive for a week, fortunately it`s half term so I`m not working and am playing taxi, (an hours round trip) but it`s worth it - he is loving every minute of his new job.

Sorry to bore you all, just sometimes it is good to get these things out of the system.

And now a lovely picture (well I think it is) to lighten the mood, why do crocus turning their heads to the sun make me want to smile.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not such a bad shop after all!

I`ve been hunting the internet in vain for some beads to finish off the Glitzy scarf from Knitting that has been otn for quite a while now (`add some sparkle in no time ` it said, huh, I ought to have them up under the trades description act, their idea of no time is obviously a lot different to mine) and though those helpful ladies on the forum came up with some great links (which have been bookmarked) DD suggested a trip to Hobbycraft.
Now, I`ve been to Hobbycraft a few times before, but I have never been impressed - until today that is. Not only did I find my beads, but I also came away with
6 balls of Rowan R2 rag print for .....49p a ball!!!!! plus some pretend mohair that has 270m on the ball for just £1.49, both are destined for a project which is based on the Colinette Perugino throw but being me, it will be the cheapskate version, using some bits from stash and some Giotto and Tagliatelli from eBay, and todays bargains.
Now I guess I should really have had my suspicions at DD`s eagerness to go to Hobbycraft, and following on from our `Card day ` last saturday, these items seemed to land in the basket too but I`m not complaining in the slightest, as I said before, I`m all for encouraging anything crafty, so I`m pleased she is taking an interest. She is currently downstairs experimenting with her (or rather my) purchases, with the occasional trip up here to use the heat gun for the embossing, and to show her handiwork.
It seems a little strange in the Modelwidow household this weekend as DH is away on a business trip - at least that`s what he tells me, but since he is at the International Toy Fair in Nuremburg that sounds like far too much fun to be business. I know leaving his last job after 28 years was very hard (and many have said brave) but I am really hoping that he has indeed landed on his feet - I mean to say can you imagine how good it would be to be able to try out new stuff, visit exhibitions, write about and generally immerse yourself in your favourite hobby...and get paid for it! But, he has worked damned hard and put up with a lot of stress over the last few years so he deserves it.