Sunday, November 26, 2006

There`s a lot of it about

As I wander aroung blogland, I have noticed that there seem to be a lot of us knitters suffering from aches and pains in hands and fingers - me included :-(

At the moment my left thumb joints are so troublesome that I can only do a very small amount of knitting at a time, hence having nothing to show. I`m not sure if it is arthritic, RSI (though I can`t imagine why since my right hand is far busier at work and is fine) or if I have strained/sprained it. However, I have heard that Mason`s Dog Oil is very good so I thought I would give it a go - it`s very early days so I am not sure if it really has helped or whether I am imagining things - I`ll let you know.

I was initially a little wary, I mean Dog oil? I know they press olives for olive oil. sunflower seeds for sunflower oil...... but it was reassuring to read the FAQ`s on Mason`s web site which included

Do you use dogs in it?

No. We can't run fast enough to catch them!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

It has been a tense time in the Model household, you see DH has been unhappy in his job for a very long time, but having been with the company for 27 years and worked his way up, leaving was never going to be easy. However, along came Dream Job, and having been told over 3 weeks ago that he had got it, we have been waiting (metaphorically) by the letter box ever since - he needing the confirmation so he can hand in notice, and me so I can arrange increased hours (as dream job = pay cut + happier DH hopefully). Said letter finally arrived on thursday so the deed is done. Now he just has to get through the 3 month notice period - yes that`s right 3 months!

Added to that DD is in the process of choosing GCSE options, which, because of the way the choices are grouped is proving a bit of a challenge. Still she is nearly there, so things should be settling down here soon (fingers crossed)

Anyway, not much knitting to show at present but this is what I have been working on in the Bobbin Lace department. Just got to use that lovely invisible thread to attach lace to frame - that is if I can find it!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Done and undone

DD has been complaining that her hands get cold when she is typing, so what else is a mother to do but knit her offspring Fetching, DD can then type to her hearts content - shame it`s on MSN rather than her homework though! I decided to try Wendy`s Fusion as it felt so soft and I loved the colours - this one is juniper berries. Once I got used to the yarn it was really enjoyable to knit. I was fully expecting it to be a bit of a race to get them done before the yarn ran out, as the pattern says it uses a full ball of yarn with 89m and Fusion has 88m, but I have ended up with several metres left!! Oh well, better that way than the other.

And the undone?....well, remember my Sari Silk hat which I was so pleased with and which fitted perfectly? What happened? I washed it, that`s what and it grew and grew and grew - I could no longer see where I was going and when I turned quickly, the hat didn`t!!! So here it is. I could see no other alternative, and so now I have to start again.
It is only fairly recently that I have been bothering with a tension swatch, but after this I can see I shall also be washing my swatch BEFORE I start knitting.