Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitting bag

Having frogged the knitted knitting bag, I have now finished a patchwork one instead
My bags invariably come out bigger than expected but at least I can hide everything away in it. Being an economical person, this was made from the remainders of some old jeans that I bought at boot fayres last year to create a previous patchwork bag, and was lined with some left over material from a summer dress I made for DD when she was a toddler.

Last night I cast on for my firefly shawl. it must have been a bit late for me, I kept dropping everything, needles, stitches, the lot. I finally managed to knit 3 rows and the needle fell out - there was no way I could pick up the stitches properly, they ran and messed up the cast on, so I frogged and started again. If I`d have left it unstarted I might never have got going again, I hope it was more an indication of how I was at the time rather than how the whole shawl is going to be. I think DH might have summed up how I felt about firefly last night when he asked "are you sure you are supposed to knit with that?!"

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