Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keeping the postman busy

That's the trouble with having a couple of weeks off - easy access to the computer! Actually the first lot didn't cost me a penny because at work each time we achieve something we are awarded stars ( yes it does sound like school and no we don't have a star chart) They are saved automatically on a computer system and we are able to convert them to gift vouchers when we have accumulated a few. I decided to have Amazon vouchers and treat myself, and this is what I bought.

I have no idea who I will be making the Fleecie Pets for, I'd seen the book in the shops and fell in love with the little critters. I expect a lot of you will have seen 101 designer One Skein Wonders already, I just thought there were so many nice little projects in there ( having checked it out on Ravelry) and I wasn't disappointed. Trust me I'm a junior doctor is going to be a good read - I always read Max Pembertons column in the weekend paper, I do find his style of writing amusing, and this book is about his first year after qualifying. And finally, as I've read some good things about Diva's don't knit I thought I'd give that a try too. The CD which just would not be photographed is by Savage Garden cos it was only £2.98 and I like two of the songs on there - I don't often buy CD's but at that price...... Not a bad little selection for free, considering I earnt my stars simply for doing what I consider to all be part of my job anyway.

Then I noticed that Kemps Wool shop had a sale and having been eyeing up Sirdar Ocean for a while, when I saw it for £1.50 a ball I just had to buy some. I've been a good girl, I knitted a tension square and washed it too before I cast on

and whilst I was there I spotted this gorgeous coloured Cotton DK from Patons and since it only increased the postage by a few pence it I couldn't resist buying some for Soleil from Knitty

And finally, just to show I have been doing some knitting as well as buying here is my latest charity knit

Using stash DK and 8mm needles, it knitted up quite quickly and is drapey, but I didn't enjoy making it and won't be using that needle/yarn combination. I thought I'd give it a go, and now know I don't like it but never mind, it will keep some little bubby warm.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Back from Edinburgh

We decided last minute to take a short break in Edinburgh. DH and I went up a few years back and loved the city, we always said we would go back, so we did! Now that DH's job and hobby combine and he often works from home, the only way to stop him working is to get him away from the computer, so we found a 3 for 2 deal in a rather nice hotel, (with DD staying free, would you believe) and booked ourselves on the train (plenty of knitting time) and off we went. The MacDonald Holyrood Hotel was super (a bit posh actually) and we had ended up with a suite!!! The bed was so large I nearly had to wave goodnight to DH.

DD wanted to see the Castle, which we all enjoyed looking round, and this is the view of the city from it

and from further up including the canons

They still fire Mons Meg and I couldn't believe my ears when I overheard and american tourist asking one of the guides
" What time is the One O'clock canon fired?"
the very tactful reply was "Thirteen hundred hours, sir."
I'd love to see some of the photos - it didn't half make everone jump!

We spent the rest of the day wandering round the city and the following day DH wanted to see the Royal Yacht Britannia, so we caught a bus out to Leith

The audio tour was very interesting and gave an insight into what it must have been like to be on board. There is a very stark contrast between the staff quarters and the Royals - you can hardly believe that this sitting room is on a boat! I was rather amused that the Queen had wanted to have an open coal fire in here, but the rules dictated that a marine would have to stand by it with a bucket of water at all times so she changed her mind.

On the knitting front, I visited John Lewis and despite all the beautiful yarn there I only came out with this

which I am intending to make into a Smoke ring. But I did fit in quite a bit of knitting time mainly thanks to the five and a half hour train journey from London to Edinburgh and came back with this
which is for the Round Robin Gift bag exchange over on Crafty threads'n'yarns and uses the Sweet Stranding pattern, and I also knit most of the 5 hour Baby Sweater

which actually isn't very well named, as it took me a lot longer than five hours. However I did enjoy making it, and next time I will put in some button holes! there wasn't any mention of them in the pattern and I didn't think until it was too late. I noticed a lady opposite on the train watching me intently whilst I was knitting this and I wasn't sure if it was because I was looking out of the window admiring the views at the same time, or if she was mesmerised by the awful fluorescent yellowy-green twist in with the white yarn that makes up the body and sleeves, or the BRIGHT green stripes in the yoke - The yarn was inherited, and yes it is a bit bold, but it is for the Baby Pack Project and can't you just imagine a little coloured baby in it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Congratulations.... Knityoga on guessing the correct square crocheted by DD in my blogiversary competition.

I have sent you a mail to the address on your blog, if you would like to let me have your address I will pop the prize in the post.