Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank you, Hugo

My knitting time has been seriously curtailed just lately with the arrival of Hugo. DD's kitten had been living at her BF's but was poorly and in need of some TLC just as DD had a spell of long hours at work - so it was Mum and Dad to the rescue and little Hugo came to convalesce.

However, he is so much happier here, (more human contact, less being bullied by the other cats in the house) that he's packed his little suitcase and moved in permanently. He's quite a handful but it is lovely to see more of DD too.

Needless to say a kitten (who is definitely feeling much better) plus wool and wiggly needles does not make for a relaxing time - more like chaos and soggy wet ends of yarn. However, I have discovered something I can do with him on my lap, and that is something I have tried on and off over the years.

So whilst Hugo does this....

I have been doing this
Ok, it's not much but I have finally mastered tatting- so thank you, Hugo.

I've still been doing a little knitting in my lunch hours at work (where no one tries to play with my pointy sticks, lol) and have made

A bookmark for my friend Liz's 60th - you might have guessed she loves owls and having found the perfect bead the idea developed from there using Ysolda Teague's Hoot! pattern.

Carole Barenys preemie cardigan which will probably be sent to Bonnie Babies since the Little Love project at work has been so successful that the local SCBU has all they need for the moment

Finally some Hand Thingies adding the finger holes from the instructions on the Phalangees pattern from Knitty and using one of the gorgeous skeins of Aysen that Rhonda my co-administator on the Knit-a-square group on Ravelry gifted me earlier in the year.

And just in case you were wondering Hugo is named after the Familiar that belonged to Pongwiffy the witch in the lovely stories DD and I used to enjoy reading together when she was little - the only difference being, that her Hugo was a hamster with a german accent (which helped make it a wonderful book to read aloud.