Saturday, May 16, 2009

The next installment

I've been busy with the next installment of the Yarn Forward mystery blanket squares, this month it was lace - much more my cup of tea I have decided, thoroughly enjoyed these and there were far fewer errors in the patterns this time than in the previous set which helped me whizz through (whizz being a relative term, I was probably far slower in completing them than most people would be, but at least I had them all finished with plenty of time before issue 14 hit the doormat)

In fact enough time between finishing and issue 14 arriving to knit a few more rows on Buttony (my! those rows are long) and for a bit of instant gratification I made these

BSJ Inspired bootees - Quick, easy and so cute. The pattern is written for worsted yarn, but being a 'relaxed' knitter, I used DK and 3.75mm needles and they still came out new baby sized.
I have now made all the bits to assemble another Baby Pack Project pack, so these will be on their way to South Africa shortly.