Monday, April 03, 2006

Those dratted chicks!

Why dont I just keep quiet? I made one of these little devils for fun,( except I hated doing them) but then DD put in her order, one for each of her friends for easter! I made seven, and just as I was congratulating my self on finishing and giving a big sigh of relief -DD announced she needed just one more :-)

Anyway, thats me all over, I get far more pleasure from making things for other people and they all went down very well and half of them already have names! (not what you would expect from teenagers so it just goes to show ... )

Well I`m one of those lucky people that work term time only. So I`ve now got two weeks off for easter (and already DD`s bored) but I`m having a whale of a time! I am spending so much time trying to decide what to do, that I haven`t actually done anything yet.

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