Sunday, April 09, 2006

A new addition to the family!

May I introduce Dudley, the newest member of the family -

His joining us happened all of a sudden really, initially after losing our last cat a few months back, I was so devastated that I said `no more` , much to DD`s dismay. However, unbeknown to me she had been looking on the website, and unbeknown to her (just lately) I`d been looking in the local paper and we both came across this handsome chap and it suddenly felt right - whilst at the same time DH had decided he might quite like another feline friend too! As we had had a home visit last year all it took was a phone call to Rescued Animals in Need , a quick visit to meet him, and this delightful chap was on his way home with us. He is so friendly, having some time to make up for I think as he was found abandoned and has been with the resuce centre for a month, and while they do a sterling job, it`s just not the same as having your own family.

Although he is thought to be between one and two years old, I still felt he needed a toy, so out came the needles and a little friend was born. He is just too whacked to play with it right now (and so am I!) as he spent much of last night crying as his people had gone upstairs to bed and left him! Hope he likes it when he`s had his cat nap.

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