Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coast to Coast

I can't believe I have been back a fortnight already - we had the most amazing time walking the 192 miles across the country from

St Bees in Cumbria


Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire

I could show you the 400+ photos we took inbetween, or bore you about the places we went, the things we saw, and the people we met, or how we had wind, rain, sun and even snow - but I won't. Suffice to say it was SO good and whilst physically tiring it was truly mentally relaxing - no computers, hardly any mobile signal and all we had to think about was walking, eating and sleeping for 2 whole wonderful weeks. I really didn't want to rejoin the real world.
Roll on next years adventure.

I have been knitting since I came home, but I am saving all that to show together, so in the meantime here is a little decoration I made. One of my colleagues is retiring and, as is our custom, we will be decorating her desk. This time the suggestion was to have a tree on which we could hang things, so this is my contribution, it's only about 2" square, but just big enough to pop a little note in wishing her well