Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Visiting my favourite shops again

Well what else is a girl supposed to do when she has 6 weeks off, and a 13 year old who loves a bit of retail therapy - besides we need some books for our holiday and I much prefer to buy them from the charity shops - they benefit and so does my purse, plus they end up at another charity shop when we have finished, so everyone is happy. Anyway, I digress, I couldn`t believe my eyes when I found Folk Socks for 50p, (50p !!) I have also been on the look out for the embroidery book since I did a weekend course a year or so ago, and had to have the needles, the only size I don`t have at only 20p a pair. Just how lucky can a girl get?

The two sleeves of the bolero are still two at the moment, though I am getting mighty confused at times as to which I have knitted and where I am going as I am using a circ and knitting straight (though it probably would help if I wasn`t reading at the same time!) - I will persevere for a bit, but may have to resort to long straight needles (which I find unwieldy) or only knitting one at a time, if my poor little brain finds itself still befuddled.


Helen said...

Great finds in the charity shop!

You can knit and read at the same time?? blimey :)

Anonymous said...

What a bargain trip! Nicely done :D I expect to see lots of fair isle socks on here now... ;)


Silvia said...

You must have better charity shops then us. I never find anything that exciting

Rain said...

Yay for charity shop swag. I get my most of my books from them too, win win all round.

Seahorse said...

A woman after my own heart! LOVE book shopping in the charity shops!

Folk socks was a fantastic bargain. I have teh other book too and it's very useful :)

KnitYoga said...

I'd love to buy my books from charity shops but never find anything worth buying around here unfortunately but well done for your great buys. Folk socks for 50p is especially bargainous! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)