Friday, July 14, 2006

It`s arrived, it`s arrived!

My parcel from my Oneskein secret pal was waiting for me on my doorstep and just look what was inside. I`ve done my best to capture the lovely colouring of the yarn, hand dyed with Koolaid, but I still don`t think I have done it justice, the variation doesn`t show on my screen but it reminds me of delicate summer fruits, pavlova, cream, and yummy things.(I know, I know, I can`t help it though) It has a curious fruity smell which I can`t quite put my finger on. It really is beautiful and is jumping up and down screaming `Knit me, Knit me` so as soon as I find the pattern to show it off to it best advantage, I will do just that - I`m thinking a simple lace scarf possibly, but not so involved as to detract from the colouring, hmmmmm.

She has made me some gorgeous stitch markers too, so much nicer than the austrian blind curtain rings I had been using!

Actually, I`m beginning to wonder if my secret pal has been spying on me, not only has she sent super yarn, and lovely stitch markers, but the card that came with them is so good too, she must have been watching Dudley! It is entitled ` Some of the places cats like to sleep...`
1- wherever you are about to sit (yep I can identify with that one)
2- on the clean washing (yes again)
3- on a flower (of course, but you throw some of the soil out first)
4- in the way (Oh DEFINITELY)
5- on a tea towel (if he can)
6- in the cupboard (uh huh)
7- on the draining board (well it`s in the sun)
8- in the pram (I`m sure he would if I had one)
9- on the bread board (given half a chance)
10- behind your head (or on it!)
11 - on your pillow (where else?)

Its all excellent, thank you so much, Puss, I do hope you are getting just as lovely gifts yourself.


Rain said...

What lovely gifts.

Piglottie said...

Lucky you - gorgeous gifts and I love the stitchmarkers.