Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fur coats this weather?!

I know we brits make a hobby of complaining about the weather, but it is a bit warm here at the moment, to put it mildly, but it is the animals that I feel the most sorry for. I`ve put Clover in his run in the shade to let the air circulate, but he is still a hot cross bunny, and poor old Dudley doesn`t know what to do with himself, though biting my ankles seems to help for a few moments!

When DD was a tiny tot, I remember commenting on the poor old puss cat being hot with his fur coat on. Some time later when all was quiet in the other room I looked in to see her examining the cats tummy, "I`m trying to find his buttons" she explained in all seriousness " so he can take his coat off and feel better" ! Ahhh, sweet!

The Bolero (for the much more grown up cat undresser) is coming along and now I remember why I don`t like making cardies, I have done 3 bits and there are still another 2 to go. I am having a go at knitting both sleeves at the same time - any bets as to how long before I forget to change balls of wool and carry straight across both sleeves with the same one?

As for my Bolero, DD and I went shopping yesterday and seeing one very similar to the pattern I have, I was persuaded to try it on......now I have 250g cream cotton DK to find something to knit with! oh well better that than spend all those hours knitting only to find I looked like a grown up in a kiddies cardi! Why do other people look so good in something and I look downright awful?

ps. I am having problems with uploading a photo today, so will try to add something later, blogger permitting.

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