Friday, June 30, 2006

Two Boleros

Yes two boleros, or what ever the plural of bolero is, on the left is DD`s and on the right is mine. Ok, so not quite, but if you use a big bit of imagination and given time that`s what I will have.

I was very impressed by the service from Diane`s knitting Yarns. I placed the order late on Saturday evening, and the yarn was on my doorstep on Tuesday morning. The only way it could have arrived quicker would have been if they`d driven here themselves! A pat on the back to them for their speed, friendly email and for using Royal Mail rather than one of those annoying delivery firms who will insist on leaving a note saying they tried to deliver and will do so again tomorrow, but with no clues as to how to contact them, which is no earthly good to anyone who works and needs to make alternative arrangements. I`d much rather go and pick it up from the post office, than frustratedly wait in the hope that delivery firm will just happen to pick a time when I am at home or DH is off on a lieu day. Sorry, rant over.

Anyway, the Kool Kotton is very nice to knit with, and hopefully the bolero will grow quickly, even though I had to go down two sizes of needle to get the tension right (I always have tension problems with my knitting being `too loose` and was once told by the owner of my old, sadly missed, now closed down, LYS that I obviously found knitting too relaxing!)
I started with DD`s (aren`t I a lovely Mummy) as it is stocking stitch and so doesn`t take too much thinking about. I hope to have it finished for our holiday as requested, and I can well see I will be taking mine too - though probably on the needles!

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Rain said...

You are a lovely mummy for doing hers first. The colours for both are great.