Friday, June 02, 2006


I`m afraid the knitting hasn`t had much of a look in this week, the firefly scarf has grown a bit but that is all as I have been busy with the lacemaking instead.
Our teacher (though she is more like a friend) suggested a joint piece called `Friendship` where each of the 10 of us lace friends do a small part, so here it is, though you can`t really see my work as it`s the bit hidden by the pins! The thread is lovely to work with and doesn`t come out at all how you expect from looking at the reel - ok so the link isn`t actually the one we are using, as she has sold all of that colour way which was called jewel, but I am using this one in my own piece and it is fascinating to see how the colouring is working out.

I have high hopes of getting back to the knitting this week, having done 34 of the 50" needed, and I am desperate to knit something else in normal wool and in colour, but I daren`t start anything else or this stole will never get finished.

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