Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rain stopped play.

Isn`t it just typical, this is the first sunday for ages that I have had nothing planned, DH and DD went off early to a Model show (Radio controlled models that is in case you were wondering), so I checked the local papers and decided to go bargain hunting at the Boot Sale. I stepped out of the door, and the heavens opened. A quick phone call to Mum and Dad (veteran bootsalers who have stalls virtually every week) confirmed that it had been cancelled, they had already been, got wet in an earlier shower whilst I was still snoozing, come home and unpacked, and it was still only 8.30 am. Oh well, I suppose I can`t complain too much, I have had a couple of lucky finds this week already having found some patterns at 10p each in a local charity shop which will give me some alternatives for Feed the children when I get round to it again, and also for the scbu. I also found the ball of Kidsilk Haze VERY reduced in my LYS, It wouldn`t be my first choice of colour, I would prefer something brighter/stronger but it will be a good and cheap way to try the yarn out. I have often thought of knitting River but have hesitated to take on something ambitious without knowing what the yarn is like, after all I`ve read on blogs and forums. So this is a good chance to try without the cost. I will probably make Branching out from Knitty, as I have had that printed out and waiting for the right wool for a long time.

I have been asked what I have planned to knit - now that is a difficult question to answer as on the whole I wait for something to find me when I want a new project, as I have a habit of changing my mind, so I prefer not to buy yarn ahead of time, (unless of course it is a real bargain). Having said that
while I was looking around for ideas for the One skein secret pals exchange this did somehow fall into my basket!
I seem to have a million and one patterns saved for scarves of all types and sizes, several bag patterns and a few sock ones too. I am hoping to make Tempting II with some burgundy Rowan Calmer, which I originally bought for the ubiquitous Clapotis, except part way through I decided I wasn`t enjoying it, the yarn wasn`t right for it, and I probably wouldn`t wear it anyway - so I frogged it.
The other thing I would quite like to make is Tubey but being a cheapskate, I`m still on the look out for some suitable yarn (at bargain prices of course!)

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, and very helpful. And it is always nice to see KSH on cheap :D It will be interesting to see how you get on with it (who knows what I might plan to send you depending on whether or not you like it...)