Friday, May 19, 2006

I may have to hop

I was having a ferret round in the work room ( anything to avoid actually knitting that horrible Firefly stuff), and I found this, well actually I knew it was there, I`ve just been ignoring it! I know it needs a friend, and I do love the colours, but I seem to have second sock syndrome. This one was knitted in the comfort of the train to and from a lovely long weekend break DH and I had in the Lake District earlier this year - it seems to be the only time I feel like knitting socks - on a train. Now there`s a thought.... I wonder if I could persuade him to take me again, I mean the poor little sock is lonely after all!


Auntie Noo said...

I like your style - definitely go for the "This sock needs a weekend away" scenario!!!

Anonymous said...

The key to getting the second sock done is to cast on straight away, as soon as you cast off the first. That way, it is already on the needles :) The colours in that are beautiful, but that isn't always enough to start the second one, so I challenge you to knit the second before your first One Skein parcel arrives ;) That way it has to be finished before what I have planned for you :D