Friday, May 26, 2006

I`m not addicted!

I`m not addicted, really I`m not, I could stop any time I wanted! but those charity shops do have rather a draw, and you will probably have gathered by now that I like a bargain, and if it is all in a good cause, then so much the better.

Having dropped DH and DD off at the station at 6.20am (Zzzzzz - oops sorry) for their little break, I have the next few days all to myself. So I decided to pop over to Tonbridge for a wander today, where they have no less than 8 charity shops (yes that`s right eight!) and as I had also heard that Beales (mini department store) has now opened a craft department, I really thought I ought to check it out. Well, they have but I found it a little disappointing after what I had heard, but then as,up till now, you would have been hard pushed to buy a sewing needle let alone a knitting needle in Tonbridge I suppose it is an improvement.

Nothing terribly exciting in the charity shops either, but I enjoyed browsing which is the main thing and came back with a few bits
The book is for DD - and in case you are wondering it is called Knocked out by my Nunga nungas (don`t ask... though other titles in the series include `It`s ok I`m wearing really big knickers` and `Then he ate my boy entrancers`! well DD will be pleased she`s been wanting this one and they are rather funny and appeal to a young teenage girls sense of humour - they can relate to the characters and happenings) The address book is so I can get all the websites I use into some kind of order with their relevant details.
And the crafty bits, - the chunky is to have a go at the Ruffle Cravat from One skein, the crochet cotton is for Lace, and the little tin is something I have been after for ages to keep my stitch markers in in my knitting bag!
So actually, looking at it I did quite well after all.

Right now off to knit or make lace, or shall I put the kettle on.....Oh dear life is full of choices!

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