Sunday, November 23, 2014

Poppies, poppies and more poppies

I haven't been here for a while, far too busy wielding a crochet hook you see, making multitudes of poppies. 
For the last three years AXA Purls (the knitting/crochet group I co-run at work) has raised funds for the British Legion by making and selling poppies. The first year we raised about £400, last year I openly declared that I couldn't see how we could possibly match that, let alone beat it .... We raised £1007! So this year I kept quiet! 


We had a lovely selection of different kinds of poppy items for sale in our 'Poppy Shop' - key rings, hair bands, bags and poppies of all shapes and sizes, knitted, crocheted and made from felt, all created by the talented ladies of AXA Purls and unbelievably we were able to present a cheque to the British Legion for .................. £1819.08! 
(and subsequently gathered in a little more making the grand total £1850.19 - the odd 19 pence does amuse me since everything was priced in round pounds). 

An incredible amount thanks to the amazing support from AXA Purls, our colleagues and the company.

Trouble is, the pressure is now on to beat that again next year - I'm already trying to think of new things to make.

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Anonymous said...

What an achievement MW. This snowball has grown wings if you forgiv ethe mixed metaphors..