Friday, October 10, 2014

Stretchy Charity Hat in the round

I've recently had a lot of interest in my adaptation of the Samaritans Purse Stretchy Hat over on Ravelry, now whether that is because their pattern is now only available on Pintrest (and I can't be the only one who doesn't find it the easiest site in the world to negotiate) or whether it's because I adapted it it knit in the round, I don't know, but I thought I would share it with the wider world in the hope that it would encourage others to knit this simple but versatile hat for charity. 

 Stretchy Charity Hat
This hat is great for using up oddments of assorted weights of yarn and fits a variety of sizes due to its stretchy nature. I take no credit for the initial design, just for the adaptation to knit in the round.

Materials: DK weight yarn - 2 strands held together
                7mm circs 40cm long (or whatever size you need to get a pleasing fabric ) 
                 (See below for variations) 

Cast on 56 sts using a long tail cast on (or your favourite stretchy alternative) 

Join to knit in the round being careful not to twist and place a marker to indicate the start of the round.

Work 6 rounds K1,P1 rib

Work 18 rounds pattern 
Rnd 1: K2,P1 (K3,P1) x 13, K1 
Rnd 2: (K1,P3) x 14

Rnd 1: K2,P1 (K3tog,P1,K3,P1) rep to last 5 sts, K3tog, P1,K1
Rnd 2: (K1,P2) to end 
Rnd 3: K2, (P1,K5) to last 4 sts P1,K3 
Rnd 4: as 2nd row 
Rnd 5: K2tog, (P1,K1,P1, K3tog) rep to last 4sts, P1,K1,P2tog 
Rnd 6: (K1,P1) to end 
Rnd 7: (K1,P1) to end 
Rnd 8: (K1,P1) to end 
Rnd 9: K2tog to end = 14sts

Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, pull up tight and weave in ends.

If you want to use a thinner yarn, just choose the appropriate needle size and cast on more sts and knit more rounds until it looks right.

Though the main body pattern works in multiples of 4, for the decreases you need multiples of 8 (or you'll end up having to fudge it to get it to work properly) so ideally cast on 56, 64, 72 or even 80. 

I have also combined more strands of a thinner yarn to get something that feels chunky, and that has worked well too. 

As with all my patterns you are welcome to use them as you wish (apart from reproducing and claiming them as your own) but if you could make a hat and donate it to charity that would be great. 

If you'd like to see some of the variations I've made, including a scrappy hat from a magic ball made with oddments from another charity project, then pop over to Ravelry and have a look at my projects.

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