Sunday, December 14, 2014

A strange shaped parcel..

Hugo wants to tell everyone about the very strange shaped parcel that arrived in the Model household earlier this week
Hugo says, I really didn't know what to make of it, it looked a bit like a chair, but not a very comfy one, so I gave it a wide berth even if it was a little close to 'my corner' and I had to have lunch with one eye on the 'thing' . 

Fortunately mum came home and let the 'thing' out of it's wrappings, I still wasn't sure, but it was a lot less scary, and mum seemed absolutely delighted - she may even have slightly overcooked dinner (judging by the burning smell) as she was so busy checking it out. She says it needs a bit of TLC but nothing she can't handle with the help of the Internet and those kind people on the forums she frequents - oh and she says with lots of smelly beeswax polish, well smelly to a cat anyway, it's going to be beautiful (bit like me really) but I'm not allowed to play with it, and it's definitely not for sharpening my claws on. 


Can't wait to se what she makes with it - after all she only said I couldn't play with the wheel, no mention of fluff or yarn :0) 

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