Sunday, September 07, 2014


Each September the Tonbridge Lacemakers have a challenge, those wishing to join in make something  to be entered into a competition and voting is done by the members using coins and the proceeds go to our charity of the year.

Sometimes I join in and make something, sometimes I just vote if the subject doesn't float my boat, but this year I seem to have got a little carried away

We decided it would be nice to have some bunting that would be displayed when we go to events showing a variety of types of lace. One of our lovely members had the unenviable job of cutting out numerous triangles of blue fabric and will also be responsible for stitching all the pennants on to a tape, and the rest of made small pieces and attached them to the fabric.  Mine are fairly simple tape lace pieces but others have chosen complex pieces, intricate pieces, different types of lace (Honiton, Bucks, Bedforshire, Bruge) and any many of lace pieces from allied crafts such as tatting, needlelace, crochet and even knitting lace. 

The finished result (hopefully somewhere in the region of 80 pennants if all goes according to plan) will be on display at the Lace and Threads fair at Tonbridge School on October 19th 2014 (more details can be found HERE )

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