Saturday, March 02, 2013


When I first saw the pattern of Hazel and Pipkin in Knit Today I immediately knew I had to make some for charity. I realised they were slightly stange little creatures but I wasn't quite prepared for how odd my offering would look....

but do you know what? He's really grown on me, to the extent that there is another little Frankenbunny on the needles in my lunchtime knitting bag. This time with mods to eliminate the bits I was unhappy about - particularly not doing a purl stitch to make false seams each side, I mean, why would you want a false seam on a toy? It reminded me far too much of the ladders I used to get when I first started magic looping. This next one won't be quite as tall either, but I may do the legs a little longer, and hopefully have enough of the main colour left not to need an odd foot ;0)

And as a little PS to the last post, I wore Simon Cowl whilst out walking this morning 'Over the hill and far away' as we call our 6 mile round trip and it was perfect! Beautifully soft and provided the right amount of warmth without getting itchy and no bulk to annoy. I'm a happy (Franken)bunny!

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Denise said...

FrankyFreaky but rather wonderful! Will you show us your version?