Saturday, February 23, 2013

February - Dishcloth and disasters

Well it had to be hearts for the February dishcloth really, didn't it? There were several hearty patterns suggested in the Dishcloth Mania group for February and I chose

Grandma's Favourite Heart Shaped Dishcloth
Except it was coming out so small that I had to improvise a bit - and not necessarily that succesfully - oh well! it's only a dishcloth. Hmm, touch of deja vue there, I seem to recall saying that last month too. Lets hope March turns out a bit better.

February has been a very chilly month here in Kent, I am getting distinctly bored with being cold and was rather pleased when I finally blocked my

Color Affection Shawl
and wove in the ends as it is 75% wool and had been lovely and warm draped over my lap as I knit miles and miles of garter stitch.
I lovingly wrapped it around Doris (the dressmakers dummy) for a photo shoot and admired it, then decided to try it on for size - ahem! It's ok for Doris, she doesn't have arms getting in the way, it just wouldn't sit right and no wonder - it's 10' long, it's only 18" wide at the widest point, and so I either end up tripping over the ends ( or at the very least have them dangling out of the bottom of my coat - very tempting for 7 month old Hugo the pussy cat, as well as looking decidedly silly!) or I am so wrapped up I feel like a Mummy!
Once I have got over my disappointment I can see this one heading for the frog pond :0(

And then there is my

Simon Cowl
It's o-kay, and the yarn (Regia Bamboo) is lovely, but it isn't as big as I would have liked it - I had the amount of yarn the pattern specified but ran out long before I would have liked to, and as this has been sitting in my stash for at least 5 years there was no hope of getting any more. Unlike the Color Affection I will wear it but all the same....

And just as I was beginning to think I should take up doing jigsaw puzzles instead of knitting it was time to give the

Blanket Buddy
that I had made to a co-worker at the baby shower we held for her.
Bless her, she thought she was going to a team meeting only to find us lot with food, drink and gifts waiting for her! I had been slightly uncertain about the bunny but as it was opened to a chorus of "How cute is that?" I think at least that worked out ok.

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