Sunday, August 05, 2012

There's grateful, then

There is an independent charity shop that DH and I like to browse in as we pass on a Saturday morning, often we find nothing, sometimes we find a treasure. This week I bought 600g Patons Smoothie DK for £6, and DH bought me a knitting book......

and as a thank you I suggested I make him something from it - but strangely he declined my kind offer!
I can't imagine why ;0)

I have been busy knitting though and just finished another blanket for The Little Love Project
Though if I am honest, it has a 'design feature' - I ran out of the wool (by the looks of the label it was rather old Peter Pan) which I picked up in a charity shop, so with no chance of getting any more, the frill is only round three sides. Still, I keep telling myself this was meant to be as a straight edge would be much better up near baby's face!

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HoffiCoffi said...

I love the ladybird book. Good find! I am currently knitting a scarf with some fabulous ancient 4ply that my DH bought for me from a charity shop. £2.99 for eleven balls - can't go wrong can you! :)