Sunday, August 12, 2012


This weekend it was the annual Airshow at Eastbourne, DH likes planes and I have to confess to being a bit partial to the noisy fast jets myself. I also love the sea, and though there is no way you would get me on a beach holiday (I'd be bored in 5 minutes sunbathing and as for sand - horrible stuff!) sitting on a pebbly beach watching an air display is quite another matter.

We set off early and found ourselves a nice little spot, and whilst waiting for the display to begin DH got out his paper and naturally I got out ....
an innocent smoothie hat, much to the amusement of people around us (made even worse when I took the photo!)
I didn't think it was appropriate to take the preemie hats I'm making for The Little Love Project, somehow cream yarn, beaches, salt air and suntan lotion just didn't seem the ideal mix, but little hats in assorted colours kept me out of mischief nicely between the displays,

and whilst waiting for my favourite plane of all time
The Vulcan
It just doesn't look like it ought to be able to stay in the sky, it's so big and heavy and slow - and as for the roar from those engines as it climbs - it still makes my hairs stand on end!

We were so lucky with the weather too, the best we have had for several weeks, actually it was rather too nice, and despite topping up the suntan lotion, I think I may have to change my name to Rudolph!


HoffiCoffi said...

I love a bit of knitting in public. I had the most comments when I was knitting a pair of socks with DPN's but then it was from ladies of a certain age with a knowing look in their eye! Love the colour combination of the stripes.

ToadRockStreet said...

You will get 'those' looks again!! What could be better than sitting near the sea knitting? Love the hats by the way. How many now?
Never heard of a Vulcan other than in Star Trek but totally understand the interest. When I was living in North Wales we used to see what I can only describe as 'bombers' in the valley and it seemed impossible that they could get off the ground let alone fly.