Sunday, July 22, 2012

While the cat's away

This little mouse had intended to learn something new.

Usually when DH takes to the hills goes walking in the Lake District on his own, I sort my self out a treat or two and teach myself a new craft, or variation on a theme. I decided on Knooking and even bought the beginners set and a book from Amazon, but then I decided to be a good girl and finish off all those odd bits that have been waiting just for buttons or blocking or for ends to be darned in - and so I did.

First the Handspun Delight Shawlette
Which had been waiting to be blocked for far too long, it is made from the gorgeous Araucania Aysen that RhondaH (co-moderator from the Knit-a-square group on Ravelry) so kindly sent me. It was as lovely to knit with as I thought it would be and not at all splitty as I expected, it blocked beautifully too but will have to wait to be worn as it seems that summer has finally arrived this weekend - although the air conditioning at work has gone beserk again so may be it will get used sooner than I think.

Out of the remainder of the two skeins of this colour way I had also made
a hat and an 8" square to send off to Knit-a-Square

Then I got to work on some ends and buttons
and now have another collection of knits ready for The Little Love Project

Other than that I have been merrily working away on my tunisian crochet Refuge blanket and knitting the border on another baby blanket for The Little Love Project, oh and I might just have popped down to the wonderful, small family run department store in our little town and bought (a bit too much) baby wool in their sale - well after all, it is important to support these great independent local stores, isn't it?

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