Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easily led

I do I find it hard to stay loyal to just one cause with my charity knitting.

I've had to scale back what I was making for Knit-a-Square because the postal costs to South Africa became ridiculous after the price hike in April, but I am very happily knitting away for The Little Love Project and thoroughly enjoying it, as well as making the odd Innocent Smoothie hat when I need something really small and simple.

I was very tempted when I first saw the Bears & Squares appeal for Refuge in Simply Knitting, but I told myself, no, Little Love was enough, and besides, this year they want whole blankets (not individual squares like last year), and for a while I was happy.

Yesterday, however, at the Lacemakers meeting several friends were teaching themselves Tunisian Crochet, and I realised I hadn't done any of that for a long time. I came home and before I knew what had happened......

a handful of yarns had jumped out of the cupboard along with my Denise Interchangeable hook and the first strip for the blanket was appearing (blow casting on, casting off and then sewing squares together - it's 6 in a row for me!)

These yarns are fluffy or textured so they aren't any good for the preemie babies delicate skin, and I will take the blanket with me to Ally Pally where they are collecting them to save postage. I'm alternating the green brushed DK with oddments in different colours and different stitches and I have already done 4 and a bit of the 24 squares needed.

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