Monday, July 11, 2011

It's behind you

Or Cat and Mouse

DH and I had a few days off and being at a loose end decided to pop up to London for the day on the spur of the moment (living in a town with a Railway station only 50 minutes from London definitely has it's advantages). With no particular plan in mind we put on comfy shoes and bought sandwiches en route to the station and set off, we thought we would just follow our noses and stop, start or turn off where ever it took our fancy, and what a great day we had.

Our first priority on arriving in London was to find a coffee stop and there just so happens to be a nice Costa upstairs in Waterstones near Charing Cross station which fitted the bill perfectly and once fortified with caffeine a quick use of the facilities was in order before embarking on our adventure and having a strange sense of humour the notice on the door rather amused me

Obviously some of the clientele of the book shop need a little help!

Anyway using the principle of 'that road looks interesting' and 'let's turn down this one' we wandered round and came across the Covent Garden Bead shop (though DH had his doubts that this was by luck) and later on found ourselves in
Soho Square

Where we decided to eat our sandwiches which was fine until DH brushed a crumb off his lap and four million pigeons descended from no where.
Saville Row followed, and I was fascinated that you can look over the railings down into the basements and watch the tailors at work. Burlington Arcade was so interesting, especially the antique silver and then further along we spotted
Liberty London

which I have always wanted to visit, so in we went - well, if you are ever in that area it is well worth a pause, the building is amazing inside as well as out, and apparently uses the wood from two ships. The materials and haberdashery sections were wonderful, but at £35 + per metre I could only dream, however DH did buy me
a cute little cat money box.

So where does the mouse in the title come from? Well, like all knitters with the prospect of sitting on a train for best part of two hours I took my knitting needles and yarn with me and made

Captain Cat-Battler

having seen the appeal (via Ravelry) for Mice for Cats at Battersea Dogs home.

Mice for cats at a dogs home, now I really have lost it ;0)


Auntie Noo said...

What a nice way to spend a day. Liberty is gorgeou isn't it?

Silvia said...

I love day's out like that. No real destination lets just see what we can find. As for the Door...some ppl are just not understanding the whole Fire Door exit thing!!!!!