Monday, July 04, 2011


Not that I am complaining, but I seem to be suffering from finish-itis ! Not only did I finish my lace angel (in the last post) but I have just finished off two other things, firstly there is the One Row Lace Scarf

Made from one ball of Colinette Lasso which I p/hopped and I think the colourway was Jay, it was a strange yarn to use, and certainly not easy if you had even the slightest roughness on your hands as anything caught, but the end result feels very nice and makes the perfect spring/autumn weight scarf.

Then I got around to darning in the ends of Damson which I am sure by now everyone knows is by Ysolda Teague.

The yarn was Woolcraft Superwash Sock Yarn which I received in my birthday swap on the Crafty threads'n'yarns forum. The colours are so lovely, all my favourites put together (though the photo, as is so often the case, doesn't really do it justice). The thing that was disappointing though, was that despite having more meterage than the pattern called for, I ran out of yarn before I could do the edging and consequently it curls a little despite a severe blocking. Oh well, it's still lovely and will be used quite a bit what with the air conditioning at work having two settings - off and fridge!

I think I may have just realised what has caused this bout of finishing - could I be putting off knitting the little jacket I have started for a co-workers bump? Once again I am asking myself why on earth did I choose a pattern almost entirely in moss stitch when I hate the stuff - hey ho, maybe one day I will learn - but then on the other hand ..........


Sarah said...

Congratulations on your finish-itis - not something I ever seem to suffer from :)

Silvia said...

Your finished Items look juts lovely and good for you finishing's not a common occurrence!!!