Saturday, January 10, 2009

First FO of 2009 and a good idea

This hat took me months to make, and it's only preemie sized!

Well actually there is a very good reason for that - it sat in one of the cubby holes in my car, and when I had to wait a few minutes (or more), usually to pick up DD or DH from a train, out it came and I knitted a row or two, I even got into the habit of parking under a street light so I could see what I was doing! It took a long time to complete - but it was only time that would otherwise have been wasted.

I thought I'd add a picture of a little something else I had at Christmas time that I didn't include in the last post.

When Father Christmas was shopping for bits and pieces for DD's stocking (yes I know she's 15 but you are never too old are you? and actually I'm not sure who enjoys it most - the one buying or the one receiving) this pencil case and little tin was spotted, and knowing what a good girl I've been this year, they were added to the basket just for me - I am keeping stitch markers in the tin and scissors, tape, cable needles etc in the pencil case - perfect, and don't you just love that little sheep.

Now on to the good idea. I was reading Yarnforward (issue 9) the other day, and came across the article by Natalie from The Yarnyard about p/hop, which really appealed to me, so this year each time I knit a free pattern I'm going to pop some money in a pot and at the end of the year I'm going to donate it to Medecins Sans Frontieres. For anyone who doesn't know what on earth I am on about - all the details can be found here over on Natalies 'justgiving' page or from the widget on the right.


Sarah said...

That hat is a marvellous thing - literally out of nowhere, time that would have been used staring out the window or tapping the steering wheel made into something lovely - am going to have to try this idea. Thanks for the reminder about the p/hop, I read about it in YF and thought it was a lovely idea, I've got some serious pennies owed :o)

Lin said...

Lovely little hat. Do you know w aht size preemie cardis are as I have a tiny one but don't know if it is too small?

Helen said...

Sweet hat! I hope you've kept the needles and yarn in the car, otherwise you'll be stuck when you next have to sit and wait!

Love the sheep pencil tin!

Louise said...

Thanks for supporting p/hop! Great to come across your blog and see you have the Justgiving widget up and running.