Sunday, January 18, 2009

The saddest things I've ever made

Angel's Pockets

Sometimes I see an appeal which I know I just have to respond to, and this was one. I've knitted various items in the past for them, but in the newsletter that I receive from Bonnie Babies the challenge for January to April included trying to collect 2000 sewn burial items from supporters. In the past I've seen knitting patterns for these, but didn't realise they could be sewn too, so off I went in search of a pattern.

I know this is a very sad topic and hope it doesn't upset anyone, but Bonnie Babies send so much to Special Care Baby units across the UK, for those little ones that are born prematurely and those who sadly don't make it, and the thanks that they receive show how much it is appreciated by the recipients, that I can't help but draw attention to their work. I feel so lucky that DD was born on time and healthy that I think 'there but for the grace of God, go I'
I'm hoping to find time to contribute to the rest of the challenge which also includes 5000 knitted burial items and 1000 4ply blankets (for which they included a really nice Bubble Blanket knitting pattern) or maybe just make hats or cardis which they always need, but I really do want to try and do something else for them.


Sarah said...

Oh what poignant little things. Well done you for all your charity makes.

Helen said...

This is so thoughtful of you.

Lin said...

It took me a while to comment because I was never offered any form of "burial" for our little one, and didn't know about the little sewn things. These are beautiful little makes and thank you for the link. I know where to send my little cardigan now!