Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Knitmas

I think my lot have finally cottoned (or yarned?) on that I'm a knitter and as a result 4 out of the 5 books I received for Christmas were knitting related - yahoo!

Mind you, I did do Mum's Christmas shopping for her so having heard a review on the Knitpicks podcast of No Idle Hands I decided I/she could buy that for me. DD arranged for DH to buy me books 2 and 3 in the Blossom street series by Debbie Macomber, as it was hard to tear me away from the first book, and he also paid for my subscription to YF, and finally MIL bought me the Yarnharlot book (though I do think DD had a hand in that too, bless her)
Then at our Lace group we have a secret santa - but instead of pulling a name out of a hat and buying for a particular person, as we are all ladies of similar interests, we each buy a gift pop it in the sack and take turns at 'lucky dip', so how strange that I should get a scarf!

No, this isn't a knitted flying saucer

it's a beret for DD,

we went up to London yesterday intending to have a nice long walk - but I can't remember when I was last so cold so we shortened it a bit - anyway having got completely frozen DD actually asked me to make her a hat!!!!! So I let her loose on Ravelry to find a pattern and she came across A Country Beret I only had one ball of suitable yarn (Jaeger natural fleece) and much to my surprise she liked it! So out came the needles and the beret is now blocking on a dinner plate, with fingers crossed that it fits.


Silvia said...

Im glad you managed to get some lovely knitterly presents, even if there was a lot of help!!! The berret looks fab already. here is to a knitterly 2009

Lin said...

Happy new year! xx