Sunday, December 07, 2008

Slowly,slowly, Continent'ly

Having just read

I just had to knit the Baby Blocks blanket that was used for the beginners class in the book, so I grabbed some inherited yarn in a bright colour (this will be for the Baby Pack Project so I think cheerful is better - I love the idea of a little coloured babe wrapped in a bright blanket) and cast on.

Now I have finally got to the stage that I can no longer kid myself that knitting is not affecting the speed at which my RSI is healing, I have a special vertical mouse at work, weekly physio and daily exercises but though improving I have hit a plateau, So.... I have decided rather than give it up completely (even the thought makes me quiver) I am learning to knit continental style to see if that will help - the theory being less repetative movement of the right hand should have an effect. As you can imagine, it is a bit of a challenge after nearly 40 years of english style knitting - but it is coming..... slowly.

(Incidentally the little dots on the blanket aren't dirty marks! they are different coloured slubs, red, yellow and green - but for some reason they will NOT come out on the photo)

I have also finally got around to mounting the little sock decorations on to cards for my 'Lace friends' but managed to seal two of the envelopes before I thought about taking a photo - duh! Still, I was quite please with the result and am already thinking what I will do next year (provided they go down ok, of course!)


Silvia said...

Im certain the blanket will look fab. And your cards look great also. good luck with the continental style knitting. I have knitted like that forever I think

Lin said...

I do hope the continental style knitting helps your RSI. I tried it but didn't get on very well!

Sarah said...

Ooh la la - good luck with that - and I'm sorry to hear about the RSI