Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet the twins

I always said that every little girl should have a rag doll to love, and over the years I have made quite a few for small female relatives and daughters of friends, I even made one for a small boy who was desperate to have a dolly of his own despite his father being adamant that no son of his was going to have a doll - I dressed it in a BRIGHT orange clown suit with fluorescent green buttons (well it was the '70s) and everyone was happy, especially small boy who took Clowny to bed for several years.
So when I heard about the Uthando project, well there was nothing for it but to get the sewing machine out, and may I present the twins.

The pattern was one I had kept from an old Prima magazine and the original clothes patterns were all knitted, so I got some paper, pencil and scissors and designed his trousers and her dress. I knitted the hair with loops for him (well, a little coloured chap has to have curly hair doesn't he?) and garter stitched the little girls hair then added strands which DD braided (her suggestion, which I think worked well).
All that was left was to choose names for the twins, so here we have

(meaning beautiful)


(meaning good luck)


Sarah said...

Oh they are absolutely gorgeous - what a lovely project :o)

Silvia said...

Oh they are so lovely!!! I love raggedy Dolllies

Anonymous said...

Oh I love them...