Thursday, August 14, 2008

And I bought yarn

One of the prettiest places we visited on the cruise was Santa Margherita, and because the ship was so large, and the port so small, we anchored out to sea and took a Tender ashore.

We enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the streets and noticed this shop
which looked like a nice little place, and then I noticed something at the back of the shop through the window, and on closer inspection there seems to be a strange combination of goods for sale.
(DH was, at this point, a little concerned what our fellow passengers would think should they notice him taking a photo of ladies underwear!)
Anyway, DD and I just had to go in, all the yarn was in shelves behind or under the glass topped counter with no price labels or any details, and despite the elderly shopkeeper not speaking a word of English, and my Italian being limited to yes, no, please and thank you, we managed to establish the cost and explain (through sign language mainly) how many balls I wanted of what.

In real life the yarn is a little lighter, and to me reflects the beautiful colours of the seafront.


Sarah said...

Lovely souvenirs from what sounds like a fabulous holiday

Silvia said...

Oh Lucky you to make such a find:) Best holiday sovenir???

Lin said...

Its funny about the yarn being with undies, but I noticed that in France with some of the really old shops too.

riggwelter said...

Oh what beautiful scenery. Love the colour of the yarn you found too.