Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Mummys Day

I was quite spoilt this morning - tea in bed and these pressies from DD

Despite having the mickey taken by her friends whilst out shopping yesterday, she bought me Simply Knitting (quite why a knitting magazine should cause such hilarity I do not know but then I`m not 14 and from a non-crafty background) and added a little pad of sticky notes with a cute frog on,(lovely little chaps, frogs) and also framed my favourite photo of her and DH, and rounded it all off with a handmade card. The best and most thoughtful Mother`s day pressie I`ve had.

Knitting itself seems to have ground to a halt temporarily due to the discovery that the Babette Blanket pattern could be bought as a pdf, So I`m currently crocheting. Having wandered round the web, I found I was drawn by the blankets which used similar or a limited range of colours, so I delved into my stash to find all the pink/red/mauves. It`s only acrylic, but then again at least it will be easy care.

I did however finish EZ's baby blanket from Knitter's Almanac, which enabled me to send another two packs off to the Baby Pack Project. Here's a full shot - really hard to get it to look like the real thing...

and DD's Arty shot which shows the yarn, an inherited unidentified DK.

I got a little bored with the continual stocking stitch, so I decided to add in my own lace motif - in hindsight I should have done this a bit earlier, as I was running low on yarn by then - but Hey, it's the first time I've added my own (albeit very simple) design and I don`t suppose the little mite that is wrapped in it will be too concerned about its placement, and I learnt a lot too.

Having been inspired by the Shaun the Sheep Picknit at the Creative Stitches show a couple of weeks back, DD has taken up the needles and is rightly proud of her leaf, flowers, sweet and strawberry, especially bearing in mind she has only ever knitted a sample square before. I was particularly impressed with the strawberry - she handled two colours like a pro.


Queen of the froggers said...

That is a lovely Mothers day gift, so thoughtful. You have made a lovely daughter!

Sarah said...

Great presents and knitting too - what talents :o)

dreamcatcher said...

Aw what a lovely thoughtful present!

Riggwelter said...

The blanket looks lovely, and what great presents.

Silvia said...

What great present :) And the Blanket looks lovely. Your DD's work looks real good..she be making jumpers pretty soon me thinks!!