Sunday, March 30, 2008

Any one for a cuppa?

Another item for the Shaun the Sheep Picknit but my efforts this time rather than DD's. The pattern was from Simply Knitting and I liked the way it was based around a disposable cup to give it body and a realistic shape - actually I think mine looks a bit more like a latte than tea - I would be a bit worried if my tea was that frothy looking!

And after yesterdays outing with DD, I really could do with lots of cuppas. She and I went up to Olympia to the Vitality Show, we had a good day and came back with large bags full of freebies including numerous pens, samples of healthy foods, beauty products and even a T-shirt and water filter jug! Unfortunately due to a nasty cold ( first one since sept 2004 so I can't really complain) wading through the crowds was pretty tough going

and I was neither a picture of health nor beauty by the end of the day!

(just a quick reminder that if you are reading this before April 3rd, there is still time to enter my blogiversary competition designed by DD in the previous post)


Queen of the froggers said...

Ha ha, I love the cup!!! It looks like there is real froth in it too.

Sarah said...

That is a fab mug but the contents are definitely more cappo than cuppa :o)

belaybunny said...

the cup looks great, my two love shaun the sheep!! your babette is looking good too - I started one last year, but haven't got very far as I'm using up sock scraps as I go ;)

Silvia said...

Why was I not invited for a cup of 'Frothy tea'???
Lol It sure looks inviting. It is brilliant I love it!!