Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Where on earth did 2007 go? Even Christmas seems a dim and distant memory fortunately. (yes I know it could have been much much worse, in truth it was only mildly irritating, and I have just a slightly sore tongue from constantly biting it to prevent me expressing how I felt to certain relatives regarding their and their offsprings behaviour- but hey isn`t that families all over)

Regarding New Years resolutions, how did I do... well I intended to knit 10 things for charity and.....

I actually ended up with more than 10, which makes up for the fact that I failed dismally on resolution no.2 - to get fitter - ah well, gives me something to carry over to 2008!

Christmas pressy wise, I received Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, and my only problem is ... What do I knit first - there is very little in there that I don`t like
I also had a gorgeous skein of Lane Borgosesia Cashsoft Lace yarn in Nutmeg - it is soooooo soft and squishy, but oh my, talk about fine, I`ve always wanted to try lace weight but, it`s scarily fine. (Yes, yes, I know you are all laughing at me, but you are reading the blog of the person who usually uses dk acrylic!) Despite having the Folk Shawls book, this is most likely going to become Pomegranate from the autumn Yarn Forward magazine, which I love, and because there isn`t really anything in the book that uses just one skein of lace weight!
DH nearly bought me a knitting book - he went off to the shop all by himself and came back with the perfect book for me, 200 Knitted Blocks, then he looked at my bookshelf and in fact found it was so perfect, it`s one of the very few I had bought myself!
So he took it back and bought this CD instead and I can now be found dancing round the kitchen and bopping along while I do the ironing.


Sarah said...

Your charity knit collection is wonderful and inspiring; so nice to see all that work gathered together.

Nice try by hubbie with the Christmas book!

Helen said...

Happy New Year!

Lovely stuff - I look forward to seeing what you make from the folk shawl book.

Queen of the froggers said...

Love all your knits! Folk shawls is a lovely book, all so wearable. i have yet to make anything from mine!

Silvia said...

Happy New Year!! (sorry I is a bit late)
Your charity knitting is excellent puts me to shame. I think it's wonderful that DH went out and got you a knitting book even if you already had's the thought that counts :)