Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rudolph cakes and Happy Christmas

I HATE writing Christmas cards, hate it with avengence, so for my work colleagues I came up with another idea

Rudolph cakes which were a very popular and much tastier alternative

The victorian aran weight shawl is coming along nicely, I`m now part way through ball 4 (of 8) and on the third type of lace. DD thinks it looks like a forest of trees, and I can see her point - quite seasonal (or they would be if they were green with tinsel and baubles!)
And because the rows are getting rather long, and I`m still having trouble memorising the pattern I have started a piece of `I-don`t-want-to-have-to-think-about-it` knitting in the form of the babies shawl from February in Elizabeth Zimmermann`s Knitter`s Almanac - though you could be forgiven for thinking that I am knitting a beret!

Just lovely mindless knitting, with the odd yarnover for shaping, so I can chill out when the festivities get a bit much.

Happy Christmas to you all.


Mandella said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours too!

We did donations to charity in lieu of Christmas Cards at work, but I would rather have had Rudolph cakes.

Silvia said...

I hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas!! Those Cakes look sooo yummy I actually want to lick the screen!!!!
I always have piece of mindless knitting about to help with the concentration or rather the lack of

Sarah said...

Love the knits - though I did think the second one was a beret!

Hope you had a wondeful Christmas and wishing you a fab 2008.

Soo said...

Happy New Year. Rudolph cakes -- definitely an idea to steal for next year!