Sunday, December 02, 2007

They can forget any time.

My lovely team mates at work suddenly realised they had missed my birthday which was a few weeks ago, and so they bought me these beautiful flowers. I was really pleased (and slightly embaressed so my cheeks blended nicely with the flowers) The company may have got things wrong, but I count myself lucky to be working in the team that I do, we are mostly a little more mature and we all care and look out for each other - sadly, the same can`t be said for many teams across the floor.

And then, I came home to find a small parcel from an old school friend who I kept in contact with but over the last few years our letter writing had dwindled to a christmas card and round robin letters. And in the parcel was this bright and cheerful bag which she had made for me as a belated birthday present! Now I think this is just begging to be used as a knitting bag, so I may just have to start another project to keep in it!
and having received these shade cards from The New Lanark Shop especially with their prices, I may just have to go shopping.

And after all, I do need something to cheer me up this evening - visiting the freezer for inspiration for our evening meal, I realised that something was wrong - it took a while to dawn on me that at some point during the last week the whole lot had thawed and then refrozen into one solid lump of meat, fish and poultry - including the christmas turkey :-(


Silvia said...

AWWHHH!!! Happy belated Birthday. The flowers are sooo lovely!! And yes I agree, nothing but a new knitting project would do that lovely bag justice!!

Helen said...

Lovely flowers, and I hope you had a lovely birthday!

Shame about your frozen stuff :(

Mandella said...

I wouldn't mind people forgetting my birthday at all if they came up with such thoughtful belated gifts. Come to think about it, no; they can just forget .....

I wouldn't be as calm as you if it was my freezer that had thawed either. Hopefully you have insurance to soften the blow.

dreamcatcher said...

It makes such a difference to work with a good bunch of folks :-)

So sorry to hear of your freezer, woes, it's never funny when the refrigeration fails!

New Lanark is an awesome place is it not :-) I have a couple of balls of the aran silk and it's very nice indeed.