Sunday, November 25, 2007

Progressing slowly

This applies to both getting used to works new computer system and the victorian shawl, one of which I am enjoying and one not - no prizes for guessing which is which!

We are gradually adapting to the new system, they have grudgingly made a few minor changes, but essentially, yes it is all down to money - I can`t believe such a large company can be so shortsighted - unhappy customers are not going to stay, and it is affecting the customers, not just us. I wish I was like some of the kids on the floor, but I do care and I hate providing a substandard service.

Anyway, enough of that, I`m loving the shawl, the yarn is really nice to knit with - the english mesh lace is proving a bit of a challenge though as I just can`t see where it is going, and the pattern won`t stay in my head - but I`m using the index card method (where each row is written on a separate card, they are held together with split rings and you turn the front card to the back each time you finish that row) and I would like to award a medal to the person who came up with this idea as it is so helpful to a befuddled brain like mine. So here we are so far (It`s actually greyer than this as in the previous post)

I also finished off this little lady for the Baby Pack Project

but I am concerned that she might need some psychiatric help judging by her expression, which is something I find a little worrying as an old toymaking friend insisted that a toys face reflected ourselves!!!


Sarah said...

The shawl looks really lovely and that is such a sensible system for keeping track of the pattern.

Silvia said...

The shawl looks amazing already!! And the Dolly looks just fine to me and I shall add your Blog back onto my Linklist :)

Queen of the froggers said...

Your shawl looks great! I am sure the doll can slip past the Psychiatrists and make it to a lucky child, she is cute!

dreamcatcher said...

The shawl is looking good, I like the index card idea to keep track of the pattern! The doll is very cute too :-)

Amazing how companies can be so shortsighted when these days it is so easy for customers to go elsewhere.

Mandella said...

Well I think she looks just great. She's certainly not going to scare any toddlers!