Sunday, July 01, 2007

A pair of pairs of booties

But, first of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my last few posts about Rene. I hadn`t thought I would feel upset at her passing, having not seen her in the later years, but I have been surprised at the emotions it has stirred, and the memories that have resurfaced. It has been lovely being able to share with you.
I have now finished most of the knitting that needed attention and it is packed and ready to post to Feed the Children and I hope she would approve.
The only exception is the pile of knitted squares which Mum asked to take care of. She has sewn them together and is currently knitting an edging to attach - all 144" of it. I`ll post a picture when it is done.

As for my own charity knitting - here are items 6 and 7 (of my target for the year) which were actually finished a while ago, but Rene`s posts were more important.

These will be off to the Baby pack project when I have some more bits to go with them.
Apart from Granny squares, a bag and the odd edging, I haven`t really done any crochet that requires the following of a pattern, so the booties were an interesting challenge - the first one was frogged twice, (the initial effort would have needed a very deformed foot to fit!) but now I am keen to do some more and I have requested Crochet in no time from the library to see if it contains the sort of patterns I would like to make. (I hate not having a book shop with a decent craft section round here, and I am too mean to take a chance and order it unseen over the internet!) It sounds good from the reviews so we`ll have to wait and see.


Rain said...

Aw, they're really cute.

It's lovely that you could get the other knits off to a good cause.

Seahorse said...

That's so lovely that you've done so much to finish Rene's work. The bootees you've made are great too!

Queen of the froggers. said...

The booties are lovely. You have done well to get everything off to charity.

acrylik said...

Those booties are adorable. Thanks for the link to the project.

Helen said...

Sweet little booties!