Monday, July 30, 2007

Jam and Cat (or cat in a jam?)

I`ve been off a whole week now (I`m so happy I work term time only) and the time has just whizzed by. The garden is tidier, the house is cleaner, I`m more relaxed and I`m enjoying being domestic.

I`ve made jam , and prepared 2 carrier bags of runner beans and what seems like 100`s of pounds of french beans for the freezer, all courtesy of my Dad. He has an allotment, and conveniently, I live part way between it and his house, so I regularly find fruit or veg on my doorstep - a bit like the organic box schemes but so much cheaper!

On the crafty front, I have been doing some more lace (yes, the horseshoe in my last post is bobbin lace) and also a bit of crocheting. I have knitting plans but I am waiting for the yarn and needles to be delivered, how dare the post office have another strike when I`m waiting for a squishy parcel - some thing which is pretty rare for me, buying decent yarn instead of making do with acrylic, or charity shop finds.
And while I was out in the garden yesterday I kept hearing Dudley`s meow, but I just couldn`t see him at first, but after a while of persistant mewing, I spotted him

Up here!

but I am pleased to say that he found his way back down again and spent the rest of the day



Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely looking jam and a crazy cat!
Enjoy your holiday.

Seahorse said...

Wow! What an adventure for Dudley!

The jam looks lovely!

Sarah said...

Phew glad the fire brigade didn't need to make a rescue! Great work on the jam.

Lindsey said...

You've been very productive! I never manage to get that much done over the summer the beginning I think "oh, I'll do these 10,000 things this summer" and then the end of August comes and I realize I've barely started. :-)

Glad the kitty made it down OK!

Mandella said...

That jam looks absolutely delicious. I can almost taste it.
Glad Dudley (aka Edmund Hillary) got down OK and you didn't have to call the fire brigade!

Rain said...

Aw poor Dudders. Sounds like you're making the most of the summer hols.

Helen said...

So glad that Dudley managed to get down ok!

Your lace is really impressive, I'm always in awe of anyone that can make lace!