Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bond...the new swear word

Many years ago, I bought a Bond knitting machine (didn`t we all?) I used it a bit, but it has sat in the back of my wardrobe for the last 12 years. Recently, I had the great idea of getting it out to `quickly` make a baby blanket for the next Baby pack.

Time makes you forget the bad bits, and though it was a fiddle to get going again, and there was one latch that steadfastly refused to knit a stitch and had to be done by hand each row, it wasn`t until the carriage jammed, suddenly moved and all the knitting (including the weights) landed on my feet I remembered just why it had been put away.

Eventually, I succeeded, and a square of knitting was produced, but it was neither quick nor satisfying, but having crocheted an edging around it, it will pass and keep some wee one warm.

I probably won`t use the Bond until 2019, when I will have forgotten all about it`s awkward habits again, so watch out for the bad language again then!

My FO this week is lace, but not the knitted kind

Little cousin is getting married in a few weeks, and being a crafty young lady I`m hoping she will appreciate this. It was a lovely design to make, and though it doesn`t show up too well in the photo, it is ivory (to match her dress) with gold fans and the little diamonds are actually beads. The bows on the top are lilac to match the bridesmaid.
LC had thought of asking DD to be a bridesmaid, but quickly realised that as she is under 5 foot and a size 14+, and DD is 5'8" and a size 10, it might look a tad odd - she still wanted DD to be involved so has asked her to do a reading instead.


Sarah said...

I can see why the knitting machine seemed a good idea - funny what time makes us forget!

The lace is just exquisite. Hope your cousin has a lovely wedding.

Queen of the froggers. said...

Is the lace made with all those bobbin things? It is beautiful.

Rain said...

Genius idea for a quick blanket.

My mum had one and put it in a cupboard for many years. I pulled it out (with dire warnings)and did a fair few projects with it. I know what you mean about it being annoying though, the cast on is a pain in the hoohah and the way the carriage jumps is a nightmare.

KnitYoga said...

I've often wondered about those Bond machines but, from what you say, they sound a bit of a nightmare. I'm glad that, after all that, you got a nice baby blanket out of it. The edging really sets it off - very pretty! The lace is exquisitely lovely! Hope the wedding goes well.

Lindsey said...

That lace is beautiful! I'm very impressed. I'm sure the wedding will be lovely, and I hope your cousin appreciates the fabulous lace.

Rain said...

How did I miss the lace the first time around? It looks amazing and very intricate.