Sunday, June 01, 2014

Put on a rucksack...

They're a funny lot round where I live, if you walk down the lanes dressed normally no one gives you the time of day, at best they ignore you, otherwise they throw suspicious glances but put a rucksack on your back and walking boots on your feet and everyone smiles and says hello! 

Although DH was busy today, with a walking holiday approaching,  I wanted to get some miles in and with a sunny Sunday morning to spare I popped on my boots and rucksack and set off on our usual route on my own.  We are so lucky that within just 2 minutes we are in the country, and at this time of year it truly is The garden of England.  Our route is around 6 miles and takes in
Leafy lanes

Country roads

Goes over streams in woods dappled with sunlight

And looks across rolling countryside
And of course it would be rude not to stop and take advantage of the bench in the lovely little village we pass through, now wouldn't it?


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