Monday, May 26, 2014


I've been back from holiday for over a fortnight now and only just got round to posting (and what a shock to see it's nearly 2 months since the last post- shame on me!)

The holiday crept up on me, not helped by the fact that DD (aged 21) had her tonsils removed 10 days before DH & I were due to go, and as anyone with experience will know this is not a fun operation for an adult. We had a little scare with a small bleed early on so I didn't allow myself to look forward to the holiday 'just in case' and suddenly found all was well and I was going tomorrow!

So we set off, forgetting quite a few things - thank goodness we were staying overnight in Southampton and could easily (and relatively cheaply compared to ship prices) pick up the bits we'd forgotten ie toothbrush, belt and comb (DH) and scarf, socks for the gym and hair ties (for me).

After a day at sea on the Azura we arrived in the Fjords

              (actually this is the second port - Flam) 
The weather was mixed but on the whole, much better than when we went 4 years ago and this time we actually saw a lot more of the Fjords, and beautiful they are too.

I kept busy on the ship as always despite the fact that there were no lectures and nothing laid on entertainment wise appealed, but when you have needles, hooks, yarn, thread and fabric who needs organised entertainment?

So I finally finished the embroidery on the Peace on Earth panel (which I started on an earlier cruise in December 2010!) I knitted 3 hats (charity yet to be decided), crochet half a Tiramisu blanket, added a few stitches to the Titanic cross stitch which I has been like this for years (and remembered I don't really enjoy cross stitch! ) and of course I worked on my SockswithSarah socks every day.

Our cabin steward was pretty creative too. One evening we came back to find this little chap waiting patiently for us 
Those are chocolates for the eyes in case you wondered.

And talking of animals, DH challenged me to knit the wool from these two who were just standing there in the street in Stavanger
But strangely enough I didn't think I'd take him up on that one. 

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